Silber Ingold

Silber Ingold (*1960) has made his studies on tenor saxophone at the “Swiss Jazz Scool” and with Paul Jeffree at the “Berklee Scool of Music”. Since the nineties he combines his instrument with electronic devices. In this period he has worked with his TrashPunkMetal-Band “Cyberbitch”. He has played in projects with Werner Lüdi, Hans Koch, Martin Schütz, Simon Ho, The “Nits”, strøm... He has curated since 2007 headphone concerts ( He has built soundinstallation at “Fri-Art” and at the “Kornschütte” (Lucerne) and he has played in the band of “The Bridge” (öfföff). Beside his powerful playing he is also involved in quieter contexts, the “Insub Meta Orchestra”, “Biennelectronic Orchestra” and the duo “Notmusik”.

Release auf deszpot
· #003 – One / DEER