Frank Heierli

Frank Heierli is born in Biel and works as cello player and visual artist in Berne. Between 1996 and 2004 Frank Heierli worked mainly in the field of theater music, a.o. with and for productions by 400 ASA, Barbara Liebster, Barbara Weber, Andres Lutz, Lukas Bärfuss and Theater Basel. In these days he accompanies the dancer Flavia Ghisalberti at her performances in Switzerland and abroad. Futhermore he is very active in different contexts of free improvisation.

Recent works:
· Nick Porsche Member of the band
· Song of Darkness A production by and with the dancer Katharina Vogel
· Danter Quartett with Silber Ingold, Beni Weber and Mats Kolb

Release on deszpot
· #002 – Inventuren / Dürig-Müller-Heierli-Weber